Timber Frame Design & Construction

Timber Frame Homes, Buildings and Structures

Timber framing is an ancient building technique that utilizes a variety of mortise and tenon joinery between posts and beams to create a strong, beautiful, and long lasting structure.  Unlike most stud framed homes of today, the bones of the timber frame structure are exposed and give the building an authenticity that is plain to see.

Around the world there are timber frame buildings still standing after four centuries and longer.  The skills needed to join these frames together, once standard for any carpenter or farmer to possess, were nearly lost with the advent of the sawmill and the quick stud frame houses that popped up as a result of cheap lumber.  Fortunately there has been a revival in the craft, and timber frame buildings are once again being valued for their strength, longevity, and simple beauty.  The joinery that has proven the test of time and kept these structures standing for so many centuries is recognized by the stringent building and seismic codes of today.

Pairing these ancient frames with modern insulation and enclosure techniques gives customers a solid building investment, that can be energy efficient, green, and beautiful.

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