Portable Sawmill Services

The Wood-Mizer

The Wood-Mizer LT40 Hydraulic is a professional sawmill capable of milling an entire home’s worth of lumber from trees right on site. These legendary mills are known for producing quality lumber and making your dreams come true. Not only do we use our mill to produce lumber for our timber frame homes and building, but we also offer our services and can bring the mill to your property and mill your storm fallen trees or can fell the trees you want downed and process them on site. We can then mill them into lumber in many forms, from dimensional lumber to siding or trim or into slabs for furniture and other custom wood pieces. And, since the Wood-Mizer is portable, we can do it all onsite.

For more information and an estimate, just call Spencer West at 360-440-1195 or email us.

Want to see the Wood-Mizer in use? Check out our Wood-Mizer Gallery.

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